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 Welcome to ASHRAE Arkansas

The President's Message: September 2016
By Mark Eley

Hello Arkansas ASHRAE Members!

Time slips by so quickly.  It seems such a short time ago that Terry Jacks was the ASHRAE meeting Receptionist and I asked him when that position might come open.  I’d been sitting in ASHRAE meetings for a couple of years and wanted to get more involved.  The time has gone by quickly, but that was actually five years ago now.  Terry transitioned over to Secretary and was President three years later.  Now it’s my turn.  And some of our new YEA Leaders now taking committee positions were just entering college back then.  Where will the next five years take them?  I hope they have their seat belt fastened!

 Last May, when we were planning Past President’s Night, Russell Black sent me a list of Arkansas ASHRAE Past Presidents that extended back to our inception.  It is impossible not to be humbled looking over that list of names . . . Pettit, Bullard, Goodman and dozens of others.  All have left their mark on Arkansas ASHRAE.  Some are now giants in our industry.  Hundreds if not thousands of industry professionals know their names.  Intimidating?  You better believe it.  But I am also extremely honored to be here and will do my best to continue the tradition of excellence that our members are accustomed to.

 Highlights from Last Year:

Last year, Forrest Moseley led Arkansas ASHRAE to the 4th highest PAOE total in North America.  Much of that success is owed to our Northwest Arkansas Section leadership who continue to make yearly gains.  Terry Jacks met the Research Promotion goal last year by securing $56,823 in donations for an average of $170 per member.  The Chapter had four Distinguished Lecturers and hosted two well attended seminars and a webinar.  Tom Hanlon, our Refrigeration Chair, organized our most highly attended program of the year, a joint AAEE meeting, gourmet lunch and tour at the Pulaski Culinary Arts Institute.  Melanie Richardson, our Sustainability Chair, worked with the Habitat for Humanity to organize a home “deconstruction” in Little Rock.  Our G.G.A.C. Committee met with Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchison to accept the Governor’s Proclamation of Engineers Week for the State of Arkansas.  Our Student Activities, Membership Promotion and YEA chairs worked together to host multiple events.  All four of our student chapters continued to thrive.  We sent thirteen students to the Winter Conference in Orlando, Florida and awarded William A. Bullard scholarships to three Arkansas engineering students. 

 Looking Forward:

Society President Tim Wentz, who is featured on the August ASHRAE Journal cover, will be our speaker at the September 7th meeting.  Tim is implementing some big ideas this year that you should come hear about.  If you could only come to one meeting this year, this would be the one to see.  Please attend and help us give a grand welcome to our Society President!

 This year I have introduced a new “perpetual award” called the Arkansas ASHRAE Presidents Award of Excellence.  It will be used similarly to a Most Valuable Player award and will be awarded to the Chair or Officer who contributed the most toward having a successful year.  The criteria is designed so that every Chair and Officer has a chance of winning.  As I write this, your Refrigeration Chair, Melanie Richardson is ahead on points by a good margin.  Melanie has assembled a team that includes two new YEA members who have also not served in an ASHRAE leadership capacity previously.  She is helping me with a major goal I have this year of bringing in new, young leaders to carry the Arkansas ASHRAE banner into the future.  Melanie is also on the CTTC Committee and is working with them to bring you another great Refrigeration Tour this year. 

 In addition to the program provided by Tim Wentz in September, your Technology Transfer Chair, Max Good, has assembled a strong committee including co-Chair and Past President Chance Hollingsworth.  They have not only put together a stellar year of programs for you, but are also considering an ASHRAE Jobs Fair.  This would be a huge undertaking for the chapter and would involve CTTC, YEA, Membership Promotion and Student Activities all working in concert.

 Forrest Moseley, the new Research Promotion Chair is planning to keep you busy with fun monthly activities, events and fundraisers.  A couple of new ideas this year include ASHRAE Fantasy Football and an ASHRAE Day at the Races.  Of course, some of your old favorites are kicking off in September as well, including our gun raffle.

 Social Chair Josh Robinson has reserved Cypress Creek Golf Course in Cabot for our fall golf tournament.  The tournament will be Friday, October 28th and will most likely have a 12:00 noon shotgun start.  Josh and his team have some great ideas to increase the number of golfers participating.

 Our Student Activities Chair, Josh Faulkner, has set an extremely challenging goal of connecting with one thousand Students in our Arkansas Engineering and Technical colleges. 

 This year we added a Social Media Chair, Terry Jacks, who has written a position update you can see in this newsletter.

 Russell Black is returning as our History Chair.  His theme this year will center on the role of Women in the History of Arkansas ASHRAE.  I hope to also make recruitment of female members a corresponding goal for the year.

 Past President Jim Monk is continuing his many years of service to our chapter by taking on the role of Grassroots Government Advocacy Chair.  Jim was also last year’s inductee into the Arkansas ASHRAE Hall of Fame.

 Jake Skinner is returning as your Newsletter Chair.  His team put out awesome looking newsletters last year and I expect more of the same for this year.

 We’ve got a strong contingent of YEA members in leadership positions this year: Josh Robinson as Social Chair, Cruz Eslick at the helm for Membership Promotion, Drew Grant is returning as Webmaster, Terry Jacks as your new Social Media Chair, Phil Watson as the YEA Chair and Courtney Michael Chairing for Honors and Awards.

 A very special thanks to Chance Hollingsworth who is helping out on multiple committees, including both CTTC and GGAC.  And as always, Bill Harrison is not far from the action, also contributing to GGAC again this year.

 I hope to see you September 7th at Camp Aldersgate!


Mark Eley

Arkansas ASHRAE President, 2016-2017



Hosted By Russell Black: Chapter Historian

Special Guest  Speakers: Bill Harrison & Sam Cummings

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