COVID-19 Crisis Update - Dr. Stephanie Taylor


April 15, 2020
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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Program by:  ASHRAE Epedimic Task Force Committee Member, Dr. Stephanie Taylor.

Title: COVID-19 Opens Our Eyes: Indoor Air Hydration is the game changer to staying healthy.


In this era of advanced medical technology, why are we being hit with outbreaks of viral disease and struggling against increasingly antibiotic-resistant bacteria? Are humans simply becoming weaker creatures while microbes are evolving into more infectious and problematic pathogens? Or, we are missing something very important – some factor that is simultaneously decreasing our natural immune barriers and increasing the infectious potential of micro-organisms that make us sick?

Most of our efforts to reduce transmission of the COVID-19 virus focus on human behaviors such as hand washing and surface cleaning. While this focus may be reassuring because we can control our actions and police others to do the same, we need to look further. The other element, often overlooked, is management of the air within our indoor environment.

Attendees will be informed about new studies that reveal just how important indoor air hydration is. Furthermore, you will understand why environmental hygiene will never be fully effective unless we learn how to properly manage this dimension. Clear and actionable steps to safely manage indoor humidity levels to optimize patient healing, support staff productivity and keep you and your family healthy will be presented.

We all need to enthusiastically embrace and act upon this knowledge. For those unsure of the “return-on-investment” for indoor air hydration to support human health, financial models will be presented.


  1. Upon completion, participants will be able to identify why managing human behavior alone is not enough to combat the spread of pathogens, allergens, and viruses.
  2. Upon completion, participants will be able to relate current health trends to the effects of indoor air hydration on microbials pathogens and our natural immune defenses.
  3. Upon completion, participants will be able to identify and utilize actionable steps to safely manage indoor humidity levels to optimize patient healing, staff productivity, and individual and family health.
  4. Upon completion, participants will be able to discuss financial models revealing steep costs associated with the transmissions of microbial pathogens.
  5. Upon completion, participant will be able to identify and evaluate new research studies on the relationship between indoor air hydration and human health.

Speaker Spotlight:

Dr. Stephanie Taylor graduated from Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, and practiced pediatric oncology and did research in cellular growth mechanisms for several decades. Alarmed by the high number of patients acquiring infections during their in-patient treatment, she became convinced that the hospital built-environment had a role in patient outcomes. Realizing that she knew little about the design and management of buildings and mechanical systems, she returned to school in 2005 to obtain a Master’s degree in Architecture. Dr. Taylor now works as an international consultant and research leader to better understand how the design and operation of hospitals, offices, schools and residential buildings can help people thrive, not merely survive. She has published in Nature, Science and other peer reviewed journals, is a Distinguished Lecturer for ASHRAE and a columnist for Engineered Systems magazine. She received the  "Women To Watch in the HVAC Industry" award in 2019. She is also a core member of the newly formed ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force. 


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