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Our October Meeting (Oct 4th) is at Heifer Village! How exciting!  Do not miss this one!

I hope everyone had a wonderful September. Now we are getting back into the swing of things with some exciting events scheduled.  Mark Eley has brought new ideas to our research and promotion efforts this year and they are really neat.  Check them out on the website. 

Please look at the golf flyer for this month’s event!  It is October 20th at the Country Club of Arkansas and should be a great time with good weather.  Thank you Josh Robinson!

There are several people who went to speak at students during out K-12 visits Sept. 14th.  This is such a worthwhile event and it really brings the next generation’s interest to the engineering field. Thank you Josh Faulkner for setting these up! 

I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank those that have volunteered for the board.  Their time and effort is always appreciated.  That being said, we still have one position open for Refrigeration Chair.  This is a great opportunity for anyone that wants to get involved in ASHRAE.  

Our October Meeting is at Heifer Village.  I hope to see everyone there!

Max Good



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Meeting Summary



Board Meeting – September 6, 2017

Drew Grant – Secretary


Members Present: Max Good (President), Ron McCarty (President Elect/CTTC), Steve McConnell (Treasurer), Drew Grant (Secretary), Josh Faulkner (Student Activities), Mark Eley (Research Promotion), Jim Chidester (Grassroots Government Affairs Committee), Russell Black (Historian), Andrew Naeyaert (Electronic Communications), Courtney Michael (Honors and Awards), Fallon Lee (Newsletter)


Call to Order: precisely 11:00 am

  • Max Good – President

    • Participate in Chapter Newsletter Updates

    • Encourage to get younger members involved

    • Discussion of finding replacement for Refrigeration Chair


  • Ron Mccarty – President Elect / CTTC

    • Meeting Details for October

    • Plan to Continue Career Fair

      • Great for finding internships for new graduates.


  • Steve McConnell – Treasurer

    • Outstanding Balances From Fall Golf Tourney

    • Chapter Accounting Update

      • Checking - $15,379.28

      • Money Market (CRC Acct) - $14,744.74

      • PayPal - $1,783.77


  • Drew Grant – Secretary

    • Nothing to Report or Need of Approval


  • Chance Hollingsworth – Board of Governors

    • Nothing to Report


  • Josh Faulkner – Student Activities

    • Need Speakers for College & Career Readiness Class

      • 09/05 - 09/14 & 10/02 - 10/05

      • Speak with Nicole Griffin Coordinator of Schedule


  • Mark Eley – Research Promotion

    • RP Update for September

    • Announcement For Full Circle of all Officers and BOG Members


  • Jim Chidester – Grassroots Government Affairs Committee

    • Nothing to Report


  • Russell Black – Historian

    • Nothing to Report


  • Andrew Naeyaert - WEBMASTER

    • Website has been updated


  • Courtney Michael – Honors and Awards

    • Nothing to report


  • Fallon Lee – Newsletter

    • Deadline for Position Articles – September 15th


   Adjourned: 11:30 am

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