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President's Report

The President’s Message

By:  Ron McCarty

Reminder that our February meeting will be on February 6th at Camp Aldersgate.

The new year has started, it appears the cold weather is finally here.  No worry, Spring will be here in the very near future.  The events for the month of January started off with great Chapter meeting and then moved to the National AHR/ASHRAE Winter Conference in Atlanta GA.  This year our Chapter provided support to several of our Higher Education student chapters with funding that allowed students to experience this event.  The feedback was very positive and hopefully the participation will continue to grow in the coming years.  Activity for the next few months will continue to increase our monthly Chapter meetings, various planned facility tours (YEA and Refrigeration), our spring golf outing, Past Presidents Night celebration and the Region VIII Chapter Regional Conference in Cancun Mexico on April 11-13, 2019.  Registration is open for the CRC and hotel room availability is limited, so please register as soon as possible.  Just to let you know the Resort has special rates set aside for either two days before or two days after the CRC even for those who want to spend a little extra time relaxing.   

Our next meeting is on February 6th at Camp Aldersgate.  Our CTTC/ President Elect, Steve McConnell, has lined up another great speaker on the topic of the Outdoor Air Control and How it Improves our Buildings’ Performance.   The last meeting was a great success with record attendance of over 75 attendees including several non-member invitees that join us as part of our Membership Promotion event.  This upcoming meeting we will continue with the Membership Promotion activity.  Our Membership promotion team lead by Jared Hendrickson is offering an opportunity to win one of two $25 gift cards for anyone that brings a Non-Member to the meeting.  The cost of attending the meeting for the non-member will be free.  I look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting and please try to bring a non-member to the meeting to introduce them to what ASHRAE is all about.

On the committee front, all are in full operational mode promoting ASHRAE across the state.  Our Government Affairs team arranged for a photo shoot with the Governor on January 30th where we received our Proclamation as part of National Engineering Week.   Now that K-12 is back to school, there is a lot of activity being put forth on the K-12 fronts to promote ASHRAE and engineering.   Again, this is the future of our profession, so if you are asked to help this committee please take a few minutes to help.  

On Thursday February 28th we will be hosting a RP Poker tournament at the new Cromwell Architects Engineers office in Little Rock.  The Poker tournament will start at 6:00.  Our RP Chair, Steve Keen will also start promotions for the “The Sportsman’s Raffle” this month.  This promotion is one of our leading RP funds raising events for the year.  Raffle tickets will be available on-line at (    Additional events are coming up for our YEA and Student Activity groups.  Please look for times and places in the upcoming newsletters and announcements at our Chapter meeting.

In closing for this month, I want to thank everyone that gives their time and effort to help make our Chapter great.  I am specifically thankful to all of our Arkansas ASHRAE volunteer officers, committee chairs, and committee members whom have worked so hard for our Chapter to bring value to your membership. There are numerous hours spent each month by these volunteers to put on programs, fundraisers, support our students, and promote various other ASHRAE activities. Next time you see one of these volunteers, please be sure to reach out to them and thank them for their time.

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Chapter Meeting Announcement

Arkansas ASHRAE Chapter Meeting

Hosted By: Arkansas ASHRAE Board of Governors

  Agenda for Wednesday, February 6th:

10:30-11:30   Board of Governors' meeting
11:30-12:00   Lunch Buffet and Announcements
12:00 - 1:00   Outdoor Airflow Control Improves Buildings by Seth LeTourneau, ESC Inc. - Application Specialist

Speaker Spotlight:

Seth Letourneau is on a mission to help us design safer, more comfortable indoor environments, not only for higher efficiency and further longevity of our buildings, but for the health and productivity of our occupants as well. As an application engineer, it is his job to
find proper use and provide solutions for Airflow, Natural Gas, and Waterflow measuremnt. With a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Seth has also obtained education and business training in the HVAC industry for the last five. Through his work experience he has obtained much knowledge in measurement and instrumentation devices, is eager to apply it for proper building control, and is a proud ASHRAE


Outdoor Airflow Control Improves Buildings
• Enhanced Demand Control Ventilation
• Outside Air / Building Pressurization Control
• Air Flow Measurement Technology Comparison

Management and control of Outdoor Air (OA) is critical to ensuring a productive and healthy indoor environment. It is required by building codes, industry standards, and is recognized by ASHRAE as well as LEED v4. The unmanaged introduction of too much of OA can be wasteful and expensive. Conversely, too little OA can lead to poor Indoor Air Quality. This course demonstrates the performance and economical advantages of directly measuring and controlling outdoor air intakes versus the traditional approach of relying upon a fixed outdoor air damper position. Design guidelines are provided to assist in optimizing systems by using direct airflow monitoring and control. The goal of the course is to improve indoor building environments, building pressurization control, and improving energy economy. The target audience for the course includes consulting engineers, contractors, owners, facility managers, code officials, architects, and LEED project managers with basic knowledge of HVAC systems.

Continuing Education Credits Available:

PE’s: 1.0 PDH Credit
LEED AP’s BD+C: 1.0 LEED-Specific CE Hour
AIA/CES : 1.0 LU


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Calendar of Events

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Arkansas ASHRAE Research Promotion

By: Steve Keen, RP Chair

Thank you all for your generous contributions and sponsorships benefiting ASHRAE Research. We have another Poker Night planned for this February at Cromwell Architects Engineers new office in East Village so I hope to see everyone there.  More information is included on the flyer in the "ASHRAE Events & Sponsorships" section below.

The Sportsman’s Raffle RP promotion is coming up this month so please be ready to buy tickets. Our calling campaign will begin in the new year to thank you for contributing in the past and asking you to help again this year.  I look forward to talking with each of you about RP over the next several weeks.

In the meantime you can go to ASHRAE’s website,, to donate to RP programs including, ASHRAE Research; ASHRAE Scholarships for undergraduate students; ASHRAE Learning Institute (ALI); development of new courses & materials; Graduate Research Projects (Grants-in-Aid); Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) Leadership Training; and Permanently endowed support to all of the above programs.  The ASHRAE RP campaign raises over $2.2 Million a year from over 6,000 contributors in our industry.  Arkansas and Region VIII are a major part of that success.  Again, thank you for your support in the past and this year’s campaign.

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ASHRAE Events & Sponsorships

CRC (Chapter Regional Conference) is the annual meeting for all 15 chapters in ASHRAE Region VIII.  The CRC is a golden opportunity for all the chapters to come together and learn about and from each other.  CRC ends with the big event of the awarding of the Golden Gavel to the best chapter of the year.  The conference also gives everyone an opportunity to meet and fellowship together. Each year a different chapter hosts the CRC and opens their doors to the Region. This years CRC Region VIII event will be hosted by the Mexico City Chapter in Cancun, Mexico. Mark your calendar and lets have a strong representation of our Central Arkansas Chapter. 

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YEA & Student Activitites


YEA is hosting a Pool tournament on Thursday February 21st at "Rack Um" pool hall from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. All the pool tables will be paid for so please come out and have a great time!

Student Activities:

We were very excited that students from UALR and ASU were able to attend the ASHRAE Winter Conference in Atlanta this year. The students had a great time and thank you again to everyone that supported their fundraising efforts!

Mark your calanders for the ASHRAE Career Fair on April 4th. If your company is interested in having a booth, please email Fallon Lee ([email protected]).

Student Activities is still looking for volunteers to sign up to speak to K-12 classes about STEM.  If you are interested, please sign up in the link below or contact Fallon Lee ([email protected]).

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Government Affairs

Our Government Affairs committee arranged for Arkansas ASHRAE to visit the capital where we had the honor to meet Governor Asa Hutchinson and receive our Proclamation as part of National Engineering Week.

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Chapter News

Just a reminder that any projects that you would like to submit for an ASHRAE Technology Award is due by 2/25/19.  Please contact Steve McConnell for information and submission. You must enter and win the regional award for your category to submit for a society level award. 

The ASHRAE Technology Awards recognize outstanding achievements by members who have successfully applied innovative building design in the areas of occupant comfort, indoor air quality and energy conservation. Their designs incorporate ASHRAE standards for effective energy management and IAQ. Performance is proven through one year’s actual, verifiable operating data.

Each year the Society may present awards in six categories: Commercial Buildings (New, Existing, Existing Building Commissioning); Institutional Buildings (New, Existing, Existing Building Commissioning); Health Care Facilities (New, Existing, Existing Building Commissioning); Industrial Facilities or Processes (New, Existing, Existing Building Commissioning); Public Assembly (New, Existing, Existing Building Commissioning); Residential

Please review the website link below to get forms and sample entries.

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