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President's Report

The President’s Message

By:  Ron McCarty

Reminder that our next meeting will be on April 3rd at Camp Aldersgate.

It is hard to believe that we are coming down to our last meeting for the 2018-2019 year. So far, this year has exceeded expectations with significant growth in meeting attendance and overall participation within the various groups and Committees. March’s meeting continued to exceed expectations with another record attendance. For the March meeting our Chapter was able to continue our tradition to have the honor of the current ASHRAE President (Sheila J. Hayter, P.E.) in attendance and to have her present this year’s President’s vision. Following our monthly meeting our Refrigeration Committee in conjunction with YEA and Membership Promotions held a facility tour at Zero Mountain’s refrigeration expansion. The event was followed up with a social event at Diamond Bear Brewing Co.

The months of April and May are going to finish our year with a bang. Events start with Student Career Fair (4/4), Trap Shoot (4/19), Past Presidents Night (5/9) and our Spring Golf Tournament (5/10). In addition to local chapter events we have the Region VIII Chapter Regional Conference in Cancun Mexico on April 11-13, 2019.

As indicated above our next meeting is on April 3rd at Camp Aldersgate. Our guest speaker is Dr. Marwa Zaatari and her topic will be "ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2019 Updates to IAQP". Please register and plan to attend our last meeting for the year.

RP is in full swing with trying to meet our Chapter donation goal. Upcoming addition RP events include the “The Sportsman’s Raffle” and Trap shoot event (April 19th). Please support these events so that we can meet our Chapter goal.

As always, each month I personally want to thank everyone that gives their time and effort to help make our Chapter great. I am specifically thankful to all of our Arkansas ASHRAE volunteer officers, committee chairs, and committee members whom have worked so hard for our Chapter to bring value to your membership.

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Chapter Meeting Announcement

Arkansas ASHRAE Chapter Meeting

Hosted By: Arkansas ASHRAE Board of Governors

Agenda for Wednesday, April 3rd:

10:30-11:30   Board of Governors' meeting
11:30-12:00   Lunch Buffet and Announcements
12:00 - 1:00   ASHRAE Standard 62.1 - 2019 Updates to IAQP by Dr. Marwa Zaatari

Speaker Spotlight:

Dr Marwa Zaatari is Vice President of Building Solutions at enVerid Systems since 2015. She leads design of ventilation and filtration/sorption systems in buildings, manages filtration/sorption systems installations and integration into HVAC systems, energy and indoor air quality protocol development and field measurements and monitoring. Prior to this, Marwa worked as a consultant for Trinity Consultants where she prepared state and federal air quality permit applications for various industries, including chemical factories, oil and gas production, among others.  Marwa holds a Ph.D. degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in 2013. Her interests and research have focused on energy efficiency, indoor air quality, measurement and modeling of indoor pollutants, human exposure assessment, and HVAC filtration and sorption.  Marwa is a member of several ASHRAE Committees, voting member of ASHRAE Standard 62.1, voting member of TC2.3 and Standard 145.2.  She is the ASHRAE Chair of the Indoor Air Quality Procedure (IAQP) Working Group, a LEED Committee member, and Chair of LEED IAQP Working Group. 

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Overall Direction for Modifications to Standard 62.1
    • SSPC 62.1’s mission is to maintain a design standard providing ventilation procedures for acceptable indoor air safety and quality for the built environment. After a year of discussions, the committee made an important decision. That decision is to make the quality of indoor air more comparable between the different pathways. This presentation addresses the modifications to ASHRAE standard 62.1. 
  2.    The New IAQP
    • This presentation discusses the design requirements of the New IAQP. Those requirements include; identification of contaminants of concern, determining indoor and outdoor sources, identifying a concentration limit and exposure period, specifying percentage of building occupants to be satisfied with perceived IAQ and performing a mass balance analysis for selected compounds. 
  3.    Major Changes to the VRP and NVP
    • Ventilation Rate Procedure is the prescriptive design procedure presented in Section 6.2, in which outdoor air intake rates are determined based on space type/application, occupancy level, and floor area, shall be permitted to be used for any zone or system. Informative Note: The Ventilation Rate Procedure minimum rates are based on contaminant sources and source strengths that are typical for the listed occupancy categories. The requirements for atypical sources are spelled out in new addenda. There is a simplified VRP that incorporates a default Ev. This helps designers who do not wish to perform the more complex calculations in Appendix A. The use of this simplified procedure is described.
    • The natural ventilation procedure has changed over the years in 62.1. It was relocated from section 5 to section 6 and became a ventilation procedure. It was recently modified to require mechanical ventilation with certain exceptions. This addendum provides specific requirements for the exception by providing a clear compliance path. It also recognizes that there are inherent health issues with outdoor air in many locations in the world and updates the prescriptive requirements based on recent studies and airflow evaluations. 

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Calendar of Events

Please see the Arkansas ASHRAE Calendar on the website for all other upcoming ASHRAE events.

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Arkansas ASHRAE Research Promotion

By: Steve Keen, RP Chair

Research Promotion has organized a Trap Shoot Tournament this month on April 19th. Please see the flyer in the ASHRAE Events & Sponsorships section below. We hope to see everyone there!

In the meantime you can go to ASHRAE’s website, RP Donation, to donate to RP programs including, ASHRAE Research; ASHRAE Scholarships for undergraduate students; ASHRAE Learning Institute (ALI); development of new courses & materials; Graduate Research Projects (Grants-in-Aid); Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) Leadership Training; and Permanently endowed support to all of the above programs.  The ASHRAE RP campaign raises over $2.2 Million a year from over 6,000 contributors in our industry.  Arkansas and Region VIII are a major part of that success.  Again, thank you for your support in the past and this year’s campaign.

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ASHRAE Events & Sponsorships

Career Expo

Arkansas ASHRAE is hosting a Career Fair on April 4th at Cromwell A/E in East Village. We hope to see everyone there for this great event!


RP Trap Shooting Tournament

Arkansas ASHRAE Research Promotion is hosting a Trap Shooting Tournament on April 19th at the new Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation Shooting Complex in Jacksonville, AR. See flyer and link to the registration form below. We hope to see everyone there! Click Here for the registration form and addtional information. 


Spring Golf Tournament

Mark your calanders for the ASHRAE Spring Golf Tournament on May 10th at the Country Club of Arkansas in Maumelle. This is always a great time so get a team together and come join us!Click Here for the registration form and sponsorship opportunities. 


Past President's Night and Hall of Fame Celebration

Please join us for our Past President's Night and Hall of Fame Celebration on May 9th at the Country Club of Little Rock. Click Here here to purchase tickets and event info.


Refrigeration Tour of Zero Mountain

On March 14, ASHRAE Arkansas Refrigeration Committee hosed a tour at the Zero Mountain cold storage facility in North Little Rock. The tour, given by their facility engineer included their cold storage rooms that can maintain temperatures between -10 °F and 38 °F consistently across their 2.5 million cu ft of freezer space . Highlights of the tour were the ammonia chillers and the plant control system. This was followed by a social event at Diamond Bear Brewing.

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ASHRAE Annual Webcast

Mark your calanders for the 2019 ASHRAE Annual Webcast on Thursday, April 18th. This webcast will be over Unitary and VRF systems. The chapter will be hosting the event for viewing at a local venue TBD. 

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ASHRAE Certifications

Click Here for more information!

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Arkansas ASHRAE History

Arkansas ASHRAE History

By: Russell Black – Historian

Last month's was our Arkansas ASHRAE History month. We had a history display entitled “Arkansas ASHRAE Firsts” which displayed pictures and artifacts relevant to especially significant Firsts in our Chapter history, including our First Chapter President, our First overall ASHRAE President, our First female President, our First Golden Gavel President, our First Hall of Fame Class, and other historical Firsts for our Chapter. A big Thank You to Russell Black, our chapters Historian, for creating this great display.

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