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President's Report

The President’s Message

By:  Ron McCarty

It is hard to believe that we are about to complete another year for Arkansas ASHRAE. Our last meeting was another great meeting with our guest speaker on the topic of "ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2019 Updates to IAQP". Overall this year the Chapter exceed all expectations with significant growth in meeting attendance and overall participation within the various groups and Committees. Some of the highlights for the year include record attendance for each monthly meetings, we continued the tradition of having the honor of the current ASHRAE President with a visit and presentation at one of our meetings and numerous successful social events (Golf, YEA, Student Activities, facility tours, ASHRAE National meeting attendance, trap shoot, poker tournaments and numerous other events).   A new event this year which was a huge success was the Student Career Fair that brought industry and students together for a day.

One of the final events for the Chapter was Region VIII Chapter Regional Conference in Cancun Mexico on April 11-13, 2019. The chapter had a very strong presence at the meeting with 16 attendees from the Arkansas Chapter and strong attendance from the New NWA Chapter. The location, site and weather could have not been better. We as a Chapter continued to receive numerous awards and numerus positive comments related to our Chapter organization. One of the key awards for the Chapter was the Round-up award for membership promotion. This is a highly prized award and definitely the largest in size (fun to transport).   The goal for next year is the Golden Gavel – So we all need to help our next year’s President (Steve McConnell) to achieve this high honor.  

The last main event for the Chapter this year was the Past Presidents Night. This year the Nomination committee out did themselves on this event. The event was held at the Little Rock Country Club and started off with a new fundraiser for the Chapter - a silent auction of sports memorabilia. The event progressed with a great reception to welcome nearly 100 guests (23 years of Past Presidents). After the dinner, we had a great keynote speaker, the honorable Mayor of Little Rock, Frank Scott Jr. He presented his vision for a unified Little Rock that was positioned for growth. After Mayor Frank Scott Jr., the event switched gears to recognition of key individuals starting with the presentation of the Arkansas ASHREA Chapter Scholarship to Elizabeth Compton, a student from Arkansas State University. Next came the induction of two fine individuals into the Arkansas ASHRAE Hall of Fame, Ed Riddick Jr. and Ed Tinsley. Both individuals have played a vital and very important role in the development of the Arkansas ASHRAE Chapter. We were honored to have them join the fine group of individuals as members of the Arkansas ASHRAE Hall of Fame. The last award for the night was the Chapter President Award. This award is in recognition by the Chapter committee members and the Board of Governors for an individual that provided the greatest positive impact to the success of the Chapter during the year. The winner this year was Steve McConnell.

As we close out the year the last item was “The Sportsman’s Raffle”. This was the last fundraiser for the year and the winners are Alex Trulove, Jeremy Stovall, Ron McCarty, Alan Hope and Alan Holmes. Congratulations to the winners and thank you for the all the donations to ASHRAE RP.

In closing, I personally want to thank everyone that helped me throughout the year. It was an honor to serve as your President for the past year. I was extremely lucky to have a great group of officers, committee chairs, and committee members as part of the team. Their time and efforts are what made this a great year and are what makes our Chapter great.  

Thank you all again!

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Arkansas Chapter Report

Chapter Technology Transfer – Year in Review

Arkansas’ Chapter Technology Transfer Committee (CTTC) worked very hard to uphold the high standards of bringing superior programs to our chapter that would add value to chapter members. We feel that providing valuable programs is pertinent to maintaining current member interest in ASHRAE as well as promoting future membership growth. With this in mind, the CTTC Committee Chair, Steve McConnell, pulled together a diverse group of committee members to provide input on chapter programs. This committee consisted of the Past Society President - Mr. Bill Harrison, Past Chapter President – Randy Moore, Region VIII Student Activities RVC – Chris Ahne, Past Region VIII Student Activities RVC/BOG Member – Bill Simpson, Chapter Member – Jake Skinner, and Chapter Member – James Dayer. The committee pulled the chapter programs together early, and finalized the program list by October 1st.

We were very fortunate and thankful to have hosted several esteemed speakers, most notably Society President Sheila Hayter (2018 - 2019) and three ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturers, Charles M. Gulledge III, Victor Goldschmidt, and Devin Abellon.

The following is a list the 2018-2019 Chapter year programs and the presenters in chronological order:

  • “Integrated Building Design” by Charles M. Gulledge III (ASHRAE DL)
  • “Humidification in Healthcare Facilities” by Dr Stephanie Taylor, MD
  • 2-hour Seminar - “Humidification Principles” by John Kimmes and Ron Will (driSteem)
  • “Thinking Like an Engineer and Societal Challenges” by Victor Goldschmidt (ASHRAE DL)
  • 2-hour Seminar “Leadership Principles” by Victor Goldschmidt (ASHRAE DL)
  • “the (un)Ethical Engineer – a study in principal and practice” by Devin Abellon (ASHRAE DL)
  • “Air Cooled vs Water Cooled Chilled Water Comparison” by Judy Peters (Daikin)
  • “Outdoor Air Control and How it Improves our Building Performance” by Seth LeTourneau (Ebtron), (Joint meeting with USGBC)
  • Presidential Address - “Building Our New Energy Future” by Sheila Hayter, Society President (2018-2019)
  • “Tour of Zero Mountain Cold Storage Facility” in North Little Rock, AR by TJ Bell, CTTC Refrigeration Chair
  • “ASHRAE Std 62.1-2019 Updates to IAQP” by Ted Vergis (enVerid)

This year with the former NW Arkansas Section becoming their own Chapter, our overall number of meetings decreased from 16 meetings to 8 and consequently, attendance numbers are different from the combined number in past years as well. Comparing our average meeting attendance this year (63) versus the numbers from last year’s average Central Arkansas attendance (47), we exceeded last year’s by 34.0%. We were fortunate to have a strong CTTC committee to help provide meaningful programs that brought value to our members. This year we strived to provide strong programs to would appeal to a variety of engineering and technical backgrounds in order to increase attendance and interest in ASHRAE. This success was attributed to utilizing Distinguished Lecturer program wisely and working with engaged ASHRAE members to give input into the programs we selected and select quality speakers.

To reward attendance, our chapter offered PDH certificates at every technical meeting and seminar. We were also able to issue USGBC and AIA Continuing Education credits at our joint meeting held in February.

Our last meeting of the year was our annual Past Presidents’ Night social program, wine raffle, and a silent auction fundraiser benefitting Research Promotion. We inducted the 7th class of our Chapter Hall of Fame this year. The class included Ed Tinsley and Ed Riddick Jr.

The Arkansas Chapter wanted to show its commitment to sustainability. We hosted all of the Central Arkansas meetings at Camp Aldersgate, a centrally-located, LEED Gold facility. The lease fees benefit a non?profit camp for special needs children.

Josh Faulkner, our GGA Chair, led our chapter in a very active year with Grassroots Government Affairs. Our chapter was able to get Governor Asa Hutchinson to officially declare National Engineers Week in Arkansas from February 18-22, 2019. We also hosted “A Day on the Hill” event at the State Capitol during the 2019 Legislative session to interact with various State government officials.

A CTTC subcommittee made up former Chapter Presidents Chance Hollingsworth and Kim Koch, along with Student Activities Chair, Fallon Lee, put together a half-day event for our four student chapters, Student Career Expo. Cromwell A/E hosted the event. The committee brought in a wide variety of stakeholders in the local HVAC industry (made up of consulting engineers, sales engineers, HVAC equipment product managers, energy engineers, contractors, health care and higher education engineering representative) to speak to college engineering students to provide different aspects of engineering opportunities with the industry.

While we are very proud of the tremendous successes this year in CTTC, there is always room for improvement. Focus on providing additional professional development courses and/or ASHRAE Learning Institute Seminars for our chapter members outside of our monthly meetings is one area in need of improvement. The handoff as already occurred leading up to Region VIII CRC for the incoming CTTC Chair, Drew Grant, to start putting together a strong CTTC committee and reach out to a variety of topics and speakers in order to produce a dynamic schedule for 2019-2020.

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YEA & Student Activitites

There are few things more inspirational to a student activities chair than seeing students, the future of ASHRAE, excited to make the transition from student to professional. It was a wonderful way to wrap up the year. The Arkansas Chapter hosted the ASHRAE Career Fair at Cromwell Architects Engineers. We had a great turnout with the help of sponsors, panel discussion volunteers, and keynote speakers. Thank you again to the following sponsors for helping with a great event: Powers of Arkansas, Johnson Controls, Harrison Energy Partners, Airetech Corporation, Fluid Systems, Entegrity, Trane, and Cromwell Architects Engineers.

The chapter also rewarded Beth Ann Compton from Arkansas State University with a $1,000 scholarship at the Past Presidents Night.

Drew Grant and Cruz Eslick visited Bryant High School to discuss with their engineering class about all of the opportunities within the HVAC field. Thank you to both of them for taking the time to go and speak.

Lastly, thank you to every person that volunteered their time to help with student activities this year.

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Arkansas ASHRAE History

Arkansas ASHRAE History

By: Russell Black – Historian

The 2018-2019 ASHRAE year was again an excellent year for the historically elite Arkansas Chapter. For our History Month (March) this year, we celebrated Arkansas ASHRAE’s historical firsts with a display featuring our First President, Ernest Pettit; our First Female President, Sherry Baldwin; our First Society President, Bill Goodman; our First Golden Gavel President, John Pate; our First Ernest Pettit Award winner, Dewey Dossett; and our First Hall of Fame Class, Bill Goodman, Bill Harrison, Allen Bullard, and Kent Pettit.

In addition, we honored our Hall of Fame inductees (Class of 2019) Ed Riddick, Jr. and Ed Tinsley with a pictorial display at one of the best ever Past Presidents Nights. Over 90 attendees gathered to honor two of the finest engineers in Arkansas history.    

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ASHRAE Certifications

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