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President's Report

The President’s Message

By:  Steve McConnell

Reminder that our next meeting will be on October 2nd at Camp Aldersgate.

Arkansas ASHRAE Members, we had a great start to the year with our September meeting.  We had 72 in attendance to hear ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, Pam Duffy.  She spoke to us regarding “Promoting the HVAC Industry for a Sustainable Future.”  She emphasized the importance of what we do, how we are making a difference, and the opportunities we have to promote our growing and vital industry to the world around us, including the next generation.  Thank you to all that attended. 

Pam also made a visit to Arkansas Tech University to address some of Dr Helmer’s students before handing her off to NW Arkansas for their Chapter meeting.  The students were attentive and eager to learn about ASHRAE as well as internships and job opportunities in our industry.

This month our program will be "Overview of Balancing Hydronic Systems."  Jerry Martin, the national sales manager for Griswold Controls, will be our speaker.  Thanks to James Dayer with Fluid Solutions for coordinating with Drew to set this up.  I hope you all will be in attendance for the meeting.  Invite someone to come along or meet you at the meeting. There is also still time for you to take advantage of our pre-paid meal plan (see attached flyer in the Newsletter).  Please RSVP! 

One area I’d like to address is timely RSVPs for our Chapter meetings.  The Chapter Technology Transfer Committee (CTTC)/Programs Chair, Drew Grant, has the responsibility to send out the meeting invitation each month to advertise the program and speaker.  That usually goes out several times a month, not just to make you aware of the meeting but to collect RSVPs so that he can get an accurate headcount to order lunch.  I had this responsibility last year and it can be a challenge.  With the number of people and the amount of food to order, we have to place an order a few days in advance and cannot make changes the day of.  The goal is to order enough food to feed everyone but not overdo it and unnecessarily spend the Chapter’s money or under order and not have enough food for everyone to have lunch.  Last month we had 35 out of our 72 attendees register on the Tuesday before or the morning of the meeting.  With that said, we will be implementing a new RSVP policy beginning with the November meeting.  We will have an “Early Bird Registration” for anyone that registers 48 hours prior to a Chapter meeting at $20.00/ea. (i.e. Chapter meeting, Wednesday @ 11:30am, early bird registration ends on Monday @ 11:30 am).  If you register after that time period or just show up without registering, we will charge you $30.00. 

As I mentioned last month, we want to provide value to our members and potential members in all that we do, seeking Chapter growth in numbers but also in connection and community with one another. We want to create opportunities for active engagement among members and potential members. Besides our Chapter meetings, there are some other events being planned and we will communicate those throughout the year in our newsletter, flyers at meetings, Facebook, and our website.  One of those events happened last month with a YEA social at Fassler Hall.  Thanks to Alex Halloran and Phil Watson for organizing the event.

Our Social/Golf committee, Josh Robinson, Nick Moore, and Hunter Brock have been working hard to put together our Fall Golf Tournament.  It is this Friday, September 27th at the Country Club of Arkansas.  There is still time to sign up your team and/or sign up for one of the sponsorships.  Also, if you are not interested in golf but would like to volunteer in some capacity, please reach out to them.

Ron McCarty (RP) has a Poker Tournament planned for Tuesday, October 22nd.  (see attached flyer in the Newsletter). 

Fallon Lee, Student Activities Chair, and her committee, Daniel Nehus, Keith Clement, and Clayton Kinley, are coordinating some upcoming opportunities for our members to engage students and educators.  Some of those opportunities include: STEM classes, science fair judging/mentoring, career exploration, shadowing, and internships.  If you are interesting helping, please reach out to them.

If you are interested in being more connected to our local Chapter in some way, please reach out to me.


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Chapter Meeting Announcement

Arkansas ASHRAE Chapter Meeting

Hosted By: Arkansas ASHRAE Board of Governors

Agenda for Wednesday, September 4th:

10:30-11:30   Board of Governors' meeting
11:30-12:00   Lunch Buffet and Announcements
12:00 - 1:00 "Overview of Balancing Hydronic Systems"


Speaker Spotlight:

Jerry Martin is Currently the National Sales Manager for Griswold Controls. With 25+ years of technical sales experience and 12 of this with 2 major valve manufacturers in Hydronic Balancing & Control. 

He has a strong acumen for system design and pressure independent control technology. 



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Chapter Meeting Calendar

Sign up for the Pre-Paid Lunch Plan for this years meetings and get 8 meals for the price of 7! Click Here to find the form with directions on how to submit payment for the Pre-Paid Lunch Plan or pay directly online.

We will have an “Early Bird Registration” for anyone that registers 48 hours prior to a Chapter meeting at $20.00/ea. (i.e. Chapter meeting, Wednesday @ 11:30am, early bird registration ends on Monday @ 11:30 am).  If you register after that time period or just show up without registering, we will charge you $30.00. 

Please see the Arkansas ASHRAE Calendar on the website for all other upcoming ASHRAE events.

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AR Chapter BOG Meeting Minutes


Board Meeting – October 2, 2019

Jake Skinner – Secretary

Members Present:  Steve McConnell, Ron McCarty, Pam Duffy (Guest Speaker), Curz Eslick, Brody Barker, Russell Black, Drew Grant, Priscila Almeida, Josh Faulkner, Nick Moore, Bill Simpson, Kim Koch, Chris Ahne, Randy Moore, Josh Robinson, Tracy Emmerling, Stephen Eoff, Keith Clement, TJ Bell, Ryan Smith, Daniel Nehus, Jake Skinner, Alex Halloran

Call to Order: 10:34 am

  • President – Steve McConnell
    • PAOE announcement, AR ASHRAE currently doing very well
    • Full Circle & Full Circle Plus – ASHRAE RP Donation
    • LEADers Program – Nomination due to Region by 9/30
    • Leadership Academy – Nomination due to Region by 9/30
    • Winter Meeting/AHR Expo – Orlando (February 1-5, 2020)
    • CRC – Houston (April 23-25, 2020)
    • Basecamp – CRC (Regional Site)
    • Basecamp – Arkansas (Chapter Site)


  • President Elect / CTTC – Drew Grant
    • Lunch Meeting/Program – announce during meeting
      • Speaker & Topic
      • Pass out DL form on tables for lunch meeting
    • Update on Programs
    • Continuing Education – check with CTT committee for ideas


  • Treasurer - Cruz Eslick
    • Account balance updates
    • 2019-2020 Preliminary Budget
    • Meal Prepay Form
    • Taxes due to accountant prior to November 15th
    • Audit committee – review of 2018-2019 books


  • Reception – Tracy Emmerling (Chair)
    • Reception Committee – Brady Smith, Stephen Eoff
    • Coordination with Treasurer, CTTC Chair, and MP Chair
    • Reminder of RSVP importance
      • Bill Simpson motioned to assess $10 late fee to those who eat lunch at meeting without sending an RSVP by Friday prior to the meeting. Motion was seconded by Ron McCarty.  Board voted and motion was passed, but will not go into effect until November meeting.


  • Research Promotion - Ron McCarty
    • RP efforts
      • Donor Recognition Breakfast – October
      • Individual donor recognition with personal email.  (One was sent out this week)
      • RP Sportsman’s Raffle – Start sales in September with the drawing at our December Meeting
      • Our Golf outing has been scheduled for the fall.  For the Spring Golf outing we are going to explore the hole vendor product demo tents.
      • Spring Trap Shoot
      • 3- CO Sponsor social events with YEA, Membership Promotion and Student Activities.
      • Two Texas hold’em tournaments (1st one in October).
      • Monthly meeting PowerPoint presentation about RP (during the meal).
      • Calling campaign throughout the year.
  • Coordination with other committees to plan joint social events
  • Coordination of events with ECC for communication/website/social media


  • Membership Promotion – Jared Hendrickson (Chair)
    • Membership Promotion Committee – Zach Oliver, Eric Blaylock, Ron McCarty
    • Delinquencies
    • Membership Upgrades
    • Recognition at meetings – New members, member upgrades
    • Membership Drive
    • Coordination with Reception Chair
    • Coordination with other committees to plan joint social events
    • Coordination of events with ECC for communication/website/social media


  • Student Activities - Fallon Lee (Chair)
    • Student Activities Committee – Daniel Nehus (K-12 Stem), Clayton Kinley, Keith Clement
    • Activities with Student branches
    • K-12 Stem
    • School visits
    • Coordination with other committees to plan joint social events
    • Coordination of events with ECC for communication/website/social media


  • Historian – Russell Black
    • Newsletter Articles
    • Leadership Recall – exploring oppurtunity to do a video interview with Bill Harrison
    • Plan to digitize VHS video interview with Bill Goodman
    • Beginning to upload any important information historical info by year to Basecamp - Arkansas


  • Social/Special Events - Josh Robinson (Chair)
    • Social/Special Events Committee – Nick Moore, Hunter Brock
    • Fall Golf Announcement – Friday, September 27 at Country Club of Arkansas


  • YEA – Alex Halloran (Chair)
    • YEA Committee - Phil Watson (Co-Chair), Priscilla Almeida, Hunter Brock
    • YEA/Student Activities – Social on Thursday, Sept 5, 5:30 pm @ Fassler Hall.
    • Bowling tournament in November


  • Electronic Communication – Hunter Brock (Chair)
    • Update on EC Activities
    • Basecamp


  • Webmaster – Andrew Naeyaert (Chair)/Tufail Muhammad (Co-Chair)
  • Update website monthly
  • Work with other committees to keep calendar, newsletter archive, and other website content current


  • Newsletter – Brody Barker
  • Next Month’s Newsletter deadline is 9/20?


  • Social Media – Hunter Brock/Ryan Smith
  • Social media updates
  • Take pictures/Request pictures – meetings/social events/etc.
  • Work with other committees to keep calendar, website, Facebook content current


  • Government Affairs – Josh Faulkner
    • Gov’t Affairs suggestions needed. Legislature is not in session.


  • Refrigeration – TJ Bell
    • Coordination with Drew/CTTC
    • Refrigeration plans – Tours, Tech Session


  • Sustainability – Clayton Kinley
    • Champion sustainability initiatives/topics on CTTC committee
    • Non-HVAC centered topic
    • 2 sustainability-related activities
    • USGBC joint meeting or event?
    • Coordination of events with ECC for communication/website/social media


  • Honors and Awards – Chris Ahne
    • Member nominations for Chapter Service Award & Regional Award of Merit
    • Complete list of chapter members eligible for awards
      • Create an Honors and Awards spreadsheet that gets updated every year with chapter member volunteer activity.  The goal is 5-10 members per month.
      • Pick a date, theme, and location for past-presidents night.
      • Develop a plan to ask involve other past-presidents to be the host (i.e group by decades: '70-'79, 80-89, 90-99, 2000-'09, '10-19) and we pass the baton like we do when we host CRC.  The decade gets to plan the theme, location, etc. and the chapter pays for the event and helps with details as needed.
    • Coordination of events with ECC for communication/website/social media


Adjourned Approximately: 11:15 am

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YEA & Student Activitites

Student Activities Arkansas State Universtiy Visit: 

Fallon and Keith's visit to ASU was great to kick-off the year with their student chapter. Keith and Fallon both gave a technical presentation on their jobs within the industry as well as spoke to the students about all of the benefits of being an ASHRAE member.

A big thank you to Pam Duffy for speaking to students at ATU. We had great feedback from Dr. Helmer after that visit.

We are working with the Little Rock School District this year for K-12 STEM volunteer opportunities and we need more volunteers! If interested please sign up at the link or email Daniel Nehus ([email protected]) or Fallon Lee ([email protected]).


YEA ASHRAE Happy Hour at Fassler Hall:

YEA hosted a happy hour social event at Fassler Hall which was a great turnout. A big thanks to Jake Skinner at HEP and Ron McCarthy at Powers for sponsering the drinks for the evening. Keep and eye out for additional YEA events in the months to come

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Arkansas ASHRAE Research Promotion

By: Ron McCarty, RP Chair

Research Promotion has organized a Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament this Fall in October. Please see the flyer in the ASHRAE Events & Sponsorships section for more information. We hope to see everyone there! In the meantime you can go to ASHRAE’s website, RP Donation, to donate to RP programs including, ASHRAE Research; ASHRAE Scholarships for undergraduate students; ASHRAE Learning Institute (ALI); development of new courses & materials; Graduate Research Projects (Grants-in-Aid); Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) Leadership Training; and Permanently endowed support to all of the above programs.  The ASHRAE RP campaign raises over $2.2 Million a year from over 6,000 contributors in our industry.  Arkansas and Region VIII are a major part of that success.  Again, thank you for your support in the past and this year’s campaign.


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ASHRAE History

Arkansas ASHRAE History

Russell Black, Arkansas ASHRAE Historian

Congratulations to Bill Harrison for recently being voted an ASHRAE Fellow by the ASHRAE Board of Directors.  An ASHRAE Fellow is a member who has attained distinction and made substantial contributions in HVAC&R – a member who has had a notable, unique, and positive impact in the advancement of the arts and/or sciences of HVAC&R, the built environment and a sustainable world.  This is another great honor for Bill where he joins a special group of esteemed individuals in our industry.

Historically, Arkansas ASHRAE (with Bill’s induction) has had five members elevated to the grade of Fellow.  Here is a list of these outstanding members and the year in which they were elevated to Fellow:

John F. Sandfort – 1971

Bill Goodman – 1988

Sam Cummings – 1994

Darrin Nutter – 2011 (Now with the Northwest Arkansas Chapter)

Bill Harrison - 2019


Bill will receive his ASHRAE Fellow plaque and a Fellow lapel pin at ASHRAE’s 2020 Winter Conference in Orlando, FL.

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ASHRAE Events & Sponsorships

ASHRAE Pre-paid Lunch Form

ASHRAE is offering the oportunity to pre-pay for this years lunch meetings. The cost of the pre-paid lunch is $140 and includes 8 monthly meetings. This Item can be paid for online at by clicking on “Catalog” in the Quick Links section on the left-hand side of the web page. Or Click here to find the form needed. 

ASHRAE Fall Golf Tournament

Mark your calanders for the ASHRAE Fall Golf Tournament on September 27th at the Country Club of Arkansas in Maumelle. This is always a great time so get a team together and come join us!

Click Here for the registration form and sponsorship opportunities. 

RP Poker Tournament

Arkansas ASHRAE Research Promotion is hosting a Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament on October 22nd at Powers of Arkansas. We hope to see everyone there!

ASHRAE RP Sportsman Raffle: 

ASHRAE RP will be doing a raffle for Ft Thompsons Gift cards. Winners will be drawn at the December meeting (12/4/19)

ASHRAE Winter Conference

Join ASHRAE this year in Orlando, Florida for the 2020 Winter Conference on Feb. 1st - 5th. Click Here to see more information about the event and how to get signed up. 




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ASHRAE Certifications

ASHRAE Certified HVAC Designer

Click Here for more information!

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Chapter Officers, BOG, Chairs, and Committee Members

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