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President's Report

The President’s Message

By:  Steve McConnell

Reminder that our next meeting will be on December 4th at Camp Aldersgate.

The holiday season has begun!  Between now and the end of the year, I hope everyone will be able to enjoy some time off, great food, and meaningful time with family and friends.  One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving and I’d like to take a moment to say “Thanks” to a number of people.  I am extremely thankful for all of the Arkansas ASHRAE officers, Board of Governors, and Committee chairs/members for volunteering their time and energy to serve our Chapter.  It definitely takes a team effort to provide value to our members with strong programs, social events, fundraising, supporting students, attracting and maintaining members, and providing meaningful opportunities to connect and promote our industry to a broader audience. I truly appreciate the opportunity lead the Chapter and I am very thankful to serve alongside of you.

We had the privilege of hosting ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, Dr Stephanie Taylor, MD, M. Arch, for our November meeting.  Thank you to all that were able to attend.  This month our program will be by David Longacre of Baltimore Aircoil (BAC). The topic will be “Energy-Water Nexus in the HVAC Industry.” This will include discussions on total cooling system efficiency comparing air-cooled vs. water-cooled systems, ways to improve cooling tower energy efficiency and ways to reduce water usage in cooling towers. I hope you all will be able to join us for the meeting on Wednesday, December 4th.  One important note regarding our venue.  We will still be at Camp Aldersgate but in a different building on their campus due to some HVAC work taking place in our normal meeting space.  Take the second entrance off of Aldergate Road and you will see the Activities Building. We will be meeting there.

The ASHRAE Winter Conference and AHR Expo is coming up soon (February 1 – 5, 2020).  Now is a great time to register and make plans to attend if you haven’t already:


Drew Grant, CTTC Chair, has put together a Winter Technical Seminar for our own Chapter members on Wednesday, December 18th. All of the sessions are geared to provide you with a comprehensive and in-depth program regarding updates to ASHRAE 90.1-2019.  There will be an opportunity for you obtain up to 6 PDHs.  See the flyer within the newsletter for more information and how to register.

Last month, I mentioned the upcoming Sportsman’s Raffle for RP and that we would be announcing the winners at our December meeting. Due to a slow start on ticket sales, Ron McCarty, Research Promotion Chair, has decided to postpone the raffle until the spring.  We will keep you posted on the dates so that you have plenty of time and opportunities to purchase raffle tickets and help us reach our RP goal for the 2019-2020 year.

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Chapter Meeting Announcement

Arkansas ASHRAE Chapter Meeting

Hosted By: Arkansas ASHRAE Board of Governors

Agenda for Wednesday, December 4th:

10:30-11:30   Board of Governors' meeting
11:30-12:00   Lunch Buffet and Announcements
12:00 - 1:00 "Energy-Water Nexus in the HVAC Industry"


Speaker Spotlight:

David received his BS in Commerce & Engineering from Drexel University and is a LEED Accredited Professional. Prior to joining Baltimore Aircoil he worked for 25+ years in the industry for Johnson Controls/York, Trane, Siemens, Multistack, a manufactures representative and a contractor. He lives in St Petersburg, FL with his wife, Jill. Personally, David enjoys travelling, speaker building and competing in triathlons.

Presentation Description:

BAC will be talking about the Energy-Water Nexus in the HVAC Industry. This will include discussions on total cooling system efficiency comparing air-cooled vs. water-cooled systems, ways to improve cooling tower energy efficiency and ways to reduce water usage in cooling towers.

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Chapter Meeting Calendar

2019-2020 Calendar Update:

We will have an “Early Bird Registration” for anyone that registers 48 hours prior to a Chapter meeting at $20.00/ea. (i.e. Chapter meeting, Wednesday @ 11:30am, early bird registration ends on Monday @ 11:30 am).  If you register after that time period or just show up without registering, we will charge you $30.00. 

Please see the Arkansas ASHRAE Calendar on the website for all other upcoming ASHRAE events.

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AR Chapter BOG Meeting Minutes


Board Meeting – November 6, 2019

Jake Skinner – Secretary

Members Present: Steve McConnell, Ron McCarty, Cruz Eslick, Brody Barker, Russell Black, Drew Grant, Priscila Almeida, Josh Faulkner, Bill Simpson, Kim Koch, Chris Ahne, Randy Moore, Tracy Emmerling, Stephen Eoff, Clayton Kinley, TJ Bell, Daniel Nehus, Jake Skinner, Hunter Brock, Fallon Lee, Zack Oliver

Call to Order: 10:34 am

  • President – Steve McConnell (Present)
    • MBOs and contact with DRC
    • PAOE (Overall, currently at 3,385 points) – 2nd in the Region YTD
      • Encouraged committee chairs to take some time to review & enter in points for work they’ve done.
    • Reminded everyone regarding Full Circle (All Officers & BOG- $100/ea) & Full Circle Plus (Committee Chairs - $100/ea) – ASHRAE RP Donation (Due Nov 15)
      • Honor Roll - $150 donation
    • Working to Establish a chapter long term strategic plan (3 years) with goals for chapter growth, leadership, and financial stability. Will submit plan to DRC (Jon Symko) for approval by January 1st.
    • Mentioned possible meeting location change for December meeting
      • HVAC replacement during early December @ Camp Aldersgate
    • Reminded everyone to use Basecamp – Arkansas website to upload items for your position
    • Reminder to Take pictures – meetings/social events/etc.
    • “Early Bird” RSVP for Lunch in effect
    • Winter Meeting/AHR Expo – Orlando (February 1-5, 2020)
    • CRC – Houston (April 23-25, 2020)


  • President Elect / CTTC – Drew Grant (Present)
    • Lunch Meeting/Program – announce during meeting
      • 72 RSVPs
      • Speaker & Topic – Dr Stephanie Taylor, Humidity in Healthcare
    • Updated MBOs and been in contact with RVC
    • PAOE points updated
    • Speaker Database is up to date
    • Continuing Education – Winter Seminar (Wednesday, 12/18/19, tentatively set for 9:00a – 3:00p @ Heifer, will charge $75-100/person to cover the cost of the renting the room, food, and speakers) Main theme is 90.1-2019 update. Working to get AIA credits so that architects can attend.)
    • Refrigeration – coordination with TJ Bell


  • Treasurer - Cruz Eslick (Present)
    • Account balance updates – Checking $33,787.65, MMA (CRC Savings) $19,632.54, PayPal $58.08
    • Taxes due by November 15th – taxes were sent to the State & IRS recently.
    • Status of Fall Golf/invoicing? – 16 outstanding invoices. Sent out reminders again.
    • Audit committee – review of 2018-2019 books – no update from Randy Moore


  • Secretary – Jake Skinner (Absent)
    • October Meeting Minutes – Distributed by email (11/5/19), Voted for approval at meeting. Motion - Fallon Lee, 2nd by Hunter Brock, all in favor. Approved.


  • Board of Governors – Kim Koch, Bill Simpson, Randy Moore (All present)
    • Anything to discuss? - No


  • Reception – Tracy Emmerling (Chair) – (Present)

Reception Committee – Brady Smith (Absent), Stephen Eoff (Absent)

  • Anything to discuss? - No


  • Research Promotion - Ron McCarty (Present)
    • MBOs and contact with RVC
    • RP efforts
      • Update on YTD funds raised? - $990 raised so far, adding $450 today from Poker tournament.
      • Finalizing Full Circle & Full Circle Plus donations (Due Nov 15)
      • Donor Recognition – Happy Hour at Lost Forty, Thursday, November 7th, 6:00 – 7:30 pm. Ron has a sponsor to take care of cost.
      • RP Sportsman’s Raffle – postponing until Spring due to low number of tickets purchased so far.
      • Early distribution of RP funds/POAE points
      • Update on Texas hold’em tournament (October 22nd at Powers). - $250 raised, $250 additional donated by Randy Moore
      • Monthly meeting RP PowerPoint presentation (loop during the meal).
      • Spring Trap Shoot – Schedule for 3/6/20
      • Calling campaign throughout the year.


  • Membership Promotion – Jared Hendrickson (Chair) (Absent)

Membership Promotion Committee – Zach Oliver (Present), Eric Blaylock (Absent), Ron McCarty (Present)

  • MBOs sent to RVC? - sent
  • Update on number of Delinquencies? – No update
  • Update on number of Membership Upgrades? – No update
  • Recognition at meetings – New members, member upgrades? – 3 new members and will announce/recognize at lunch meeting.


  • Student Activities - Fallon Lee (Chair) (Present)

Student Activities Committee – Daniel Nehus (K-12 Stem) – (Present), Clayton Kinley (Absent), Keith Clement (Absent)

  • Contact with RVC? – Not yet
  • PAOE points updated? – Not yet
  • Activities with Student branches – need to schedule
  • K-12 Stem – Don Roberts elementary visit by Fallon for science fair, Bryant Jr High visit by Steve and Daniel for engineering class
  • School visits – Will send out email to Officers/Committees for dates & sign up and in the next newsletter
  • Update - Fundraising/Contribution to ATU for Winter Conference.


  • Historian – Russell Black (Present)
    • Contact with RVC? - Yes
    • PAOE points updated? – Yes, current
    • Newsletter Articles – working on December
    • Leadership Recall with Bill Harrison – update, coordinating time and place with Bill
    • Status update to upload any important information historical info by year to Basecamp – Arkansas? – Not yet


  • Social/Special Events - Josh Robinson (Chair) (Absent)

Social/Special Events Committee – Nick Moore (Present), Hunter Brock (Present)

  • No updates


  • YEA – Alex Halloran (Chair) (Present)

YEA Committee - Phil Watson (Co-Chair (Absent), Priscilla Almeida (Absent), Hunter Brock (Present)

  • Contact with RVC? – Not Yet
  • PAOE points updated? - Not Yet
  • Next Social Event? – working on Bowling event in November or December, joint with Student Activities.
  • December Tech session? – pushing to January
  • Planning Spring PE review session


  • Electronic Communication – Hunter Brock (Chair)
    • Contact with RVC? – not yet, will soon.
    • PAOE points updated? - not yet, will soon.
    • Update on EC Activities
      • Working with Webmaster & President to update Chapter website on month basis.


Webmaster – Andrew Naeyaert (Chair) (Absent)/Tufail Muhammad (Co-Chair) (Absent)

  • Some Website updates completed


Newsletter – Brody Barker (Present)

  • Next Month’s Newsletter deadline is Friday, 11/22
  • Issue by Wednesday, November 27th (one week prior to Chapter meeting, December 4th)


Social Media – Hunter Brock/Ryan Smith (Present)

  • Social media updates – posting a few times a month on Facebook
  • Continuing to take pictures– meetings/social events/etc.


  • Government Affairs – Josh Faulkner (Present)
    • MBOs and contact with RVC? – Not Yet
    • PAOE points updated? – Not Yet
    • Engineer’s Week in February – updated documents, will submit to Governor’s office


  • Refrigeration – TJ Bell (Absent)
    • Been in contact with Sean Moore, RVP for Refrigeration. Follow up call this Friday to review VRF tour ideas. I’ve shared my plan.
    • Working on 2 items for the spring: VRF Round Table and Tour
    • Tour Options:
      • Ice Skating Rink / Formally Verizon Arena Ice Making System
      • Brewery
      • Others? I would like some feedback if there are other food or refrigeration ideas I’m missing
      • Looking for a date in March-April to do this. Will firm date in January.
      • Will count for POAE points – CT19 tour of food/refrigeration plant
    • VRF Round Table:
      • Questionnaire to be sent out to all board members closer to December to request questions and interest in participating
      • POAE Points: As part of the VRF Round Table:
      • CT16: Chapter program on low GWP refrigerants: Discuss next gen refrigerants as part of this discussion
    • Sustainability – Clayton Kinley (Absent)
      • Status on establishing a committee to Champion sustainability initiatives/topics? – No update
      • Working with Arkansas Arbor Day Foundation to get a project for us in March when it warms up. 


  • Honors and Awards – Chris Ahne (Absent)
    • I’ve identified 3 candidates for H&A submissions.  I’ve spoken with several past-presidents about rotating the planning for past-president’s night and many are in favor of it.  I need to draft a formal letter to send out and make personal calls.


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YEA & Student Activities


ASHRAE is looking for volunteers for the following activities:

- Judging Parkview Magnet High School Science Fair (January 2020)
- Judging Little Rock School District Regional Elementary Science Fair (February 2020)
- Speaking to Little Rock Schools Excel Construction Program (The class meets every day from 9:15-11:15 (Session 1) and from 1:15-3:15 (Session 2)).

If you are interested in volunteering to help out please contact Daniel Nehus at [email protected]

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ASHRAE History

Arkansas ASHRAE History

Russell Black, Arkansas ASHRAE Historian

Alan Hope is one of only two persons in Chapter history to lead the Arkansas Chapter as a 2-term President, an outstanding level of service to the Chapter.  Alan was President of Arkansas ASHRAE in 1992-1993.  Below is Alan’s Leadership Recall Interview from March 15, 1998.

QUESTION #1: Would you give a brief biographical sketch of your life. (Place of birth, family size, early schooling, higher education, employment background, current family, etc.)

  • Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Four, two older brothers and one younger sister
  • Little Rock Public Schools K— 12, graduated from Hall High School
  • University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, 1979-1984, BSIE
  • 1984 to 1997 Powers of Arkansas, 1997 to present Tinsley-Mullen Engineers
  • Wife Lisa, four year old son Adam and two year old daughter Helen and a new chocolate lab


QUESTION #2: Please describe what attracted you to the engineering industry as well as your first job in the engineering industry.

  • My dad has a civil engineering degree and was always looking to invent energy efficient products. His enthusiasm rubbed off on me and led to a degree in Industrial Engineering where I planned to be in technical sales. This in turn led to Powers where I could develop engineering skills as a "Field Engineer, which provided a broad knowledge of mechanical and electrical systems as well as energy conservation.


QUESTION #3: How and when did you get involved in ASHRAE?

  • Paul Briscoe, my boss and mentor, encouraged me to get involved back in 1985. He said that we should all take time to give something back to our industry. Paul was right.


QUESTION #4: As a past Arkansas ASH RAE President, what were some of the major issues facing the HVAC industry at that time?

  • Hot topics were CFC's, Global warming and Building Commissioning.
  • Maintaining my focus on why I was spending all this time and effort, which was to give something


QUESTION #5: What people stand out as influences on you?

  • Paul Briscoe, Kent Pettit, Bill Goodman, Don Huggins, Allen Bullard, Jim Monk, Don Roberson, Don Smith, John Oliver, Chris Call, Ed Tinsley and many others

QUESTION #6: What advice would you give a young individual starting out in the HVAC industry today?

  • Immediately get involved in ASHRAE. Go to every meeting and function, get on a committee and seek relationships with all members.


QUESTION #7: What advice would you give to a current or future ASHRAE Chapter Officer?

  • Make involvement fun like Keith Wortsmith is doing and spread the enthusiasm.

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ASHRAE Events & Sponsorships

ASHRAE Winter Technical Seminar - 5 PDH's: 

ASHRAE Winter Conference

Join ASHRAE this year in Orlando, Florida for the 2020 Winter Conference on Feb. 1st - 5th. Click Here to see more information about the event and how to get signed up. 

ASHRAE 2020 Trap Shoot: 

ASHRAE will be doing a trap shooting tournament in March of 2020. Teams will consist of five (5) shooters. The event Fee is $750 and will include four (4) boxes of shells, lunch, and door prizes. Payment is due by March 6th, 2020. For more information please contact Ron McCarty, RP Chair - [email protected] OR 501-350-5728


ASHRAE Region VIII CRC Houston: 


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ASHRAE Certifications

ASHRAE Certified HVAC Designer

Click Here for more information!

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Chapter Officers, BOG, Chairs, and Committee Members

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