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President's Report

Welcome to another year of Arkansas ASHRAE.  I am honored to be your president this year.  Arkansas ASHRAE has a proud tradition of excellence.  I would invite everyone to get involved, get engaged, and enjoy it.  

We have a new Society President.  His name is Bjarne Olesen.  He is from Denmark. He is a very interesting person and very focused on making ASHRAE better.  His theme is “Extending our Community”.  An excerpt from July 2017 GineersNow (featuring Bjarne Olesen) is below:

“Bjarne Olesen, Ph.D., Fellow ASHRAE, is ASHRAE’s President for the 2017-2018 term. Olesen has previously served on the Board of Directors as Treasurer, Vice President and Director-at-Large.

 In Olesen’s theme, “Extending our Community,” he focuses his theme on three directives: extend our global community; extend our technological horizons; and extend our value to members.

“Extending our global community will acknowledge our interconnectedness worldwide and embrace our shared needs  and objectives,” Olesen said. “The technical guidance we produce for all members is made stronger by global diversity.”

Through the start of Olesen’s time with ASHRAE, he did not have the opportunity to get involved with a local chapter to dedicate his time and efforts to the HVAC industry – and believes in the importance of working together to create a better built environment.

“Many of our members are only active on one side – either the technical side, mainly at the Society level, or the grassroots side at the local chapter level,” Olesen said. “However, one

side cannot live without the other. We will work to extend our global connections and more strongly link our members worldwide. Doing so will strengthen our Society’s knowledge base, community reach and ability to shape a more sustainable world.”

Olesen is the Director of the International Center for Indoor Environment and Energy and a Professor at Danish Technical University.”

Join us in a great year!  

Thank you,

Max Good

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ASHRAE History

Arkansas ASHRAE History

Russell Black – Historian

On July 4th, 2017, Sam and Dianne Cummings visited Van Buren, Arkansas, and Sam presented Dewey Dossett with Dewey’s Arkansas ASHRAE Hall of Fame award.  (Sam had accepted the award for Dewey at the May 2017 Past President’s Night.)

Receiving the award on the Fourth of July was extra special for Dewey because of Dewey’s abiding love for his country.  Dewey had been a marine in World War II and had landed on the beaches of Iwo Jima at 19 years of age.

Besides having the honor of being a proud member of the Greatest Generation, Dewey served Arkansas ASHRAE as Arkansas ASHRAE President in 1976 and was the ORIGINAL recipient of the prestigious Ernest N. Pettit Award in 1970.  For many, many years, Dewey was also the de facto communications director of Arkansas ASHRAE, serving as the chapter Secretary, handling public relations, and acting as the unofficial publisher of chapter documents.  In recognition of all Dewey’s extraordinary service to Arkansas ASHRAE, Dewey was voted to the Arkansas ASHRAE Hall of Fame in 2017.

At the Arkansas ASHRAE September Chapter meeting, we will have a display honoring Dewey and thanking him for his exceptional service for Arkansas ASHRAE.   

Dewey Dossett accepting the award from Sam Cummings

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Officer's Report- Treasurer

ASHRAE Monthly Meeting

This year Arkansas ASHRAE will be changing the way it charges for lunches. Each month the lunch will have to be pre-paid by your or your company. The form below can be downloaded at


Pre-Paid Lunch Plan


Cost:         $140.00


Includes:     8 Monthly Meetings


Note:      This Item can be paid for online at by clicking on “Catalog” in the Quick Linkssection on the left-hand side of the web page.


For payment by Check, please follow the directions below:


  • Complete the form below and mail with a check to the address below.

  • Payment can also be handled with a check, cash or credit card at the first monthly meeting in September.

  • You get one free meeting meal (eight for the cost of seven) and a faster check-in









Please Mail Form to:


Attn: Steve McConnell

Arkansas ASHRAE

P.O. Box 180

Little Rock, AR 72203



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