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President's Report

The President’s Message

By:  Steve McConnell

Reminder that our next meeting will be on March 4th at Camp Aldersgate.

I mentioned this last month but it’s worth mentioning again, Region VIII’s Chapter Regional Conference (CRC) is coming up (April 23-25) in Houston and registration is open.  See the newsletter or our website for more information.  We have had a great year as a Chapter and we want to continue that by having a strong presence at the CRC.  We also go to CRC prepare for the year to come.  Please reach out to Drew Grant or myself if you have any interest in utilizing your time, talents, and experience to serve within ASHRAE in any capacity.  There are also some other reasons you for you to go to CRC: technical seminars with PDH opportunities, experience & participate in the Regional business of ASHRAE, hear what the other great Chapters in our Region are doing, and network with people in our Chapter and Region. In order for our Chapter to properly prepare for CRC, we need to elect next year’s officers and board of governors.

At the business meeting (Wednesday, March 4th) we will be voting on next year’s Chapter officers and Board of Governors to lead our Chapter.  The nominating committee, comprised of Terry Jacks, Kim Koch, Bill Simpson, Mike Fullerton, and Ron McCarty, is pleased to present the following candidates as our proposed officers and Board of Governors for next year:

RP / Delegate: Steve McConnell

President / Alternate: Drew Grant

President-Elect / CTTC: Cruz Eslick

Treasurer: Jake Skinner

Secretary: Alex Halloran 

Board of Governors:

Steve McConnell 

Forrest Moseley

Melanie Richardson 

Terry Jacks

Terry Jacks, P.E.

This month our Chapter focus is on History.  Please take some time to read the History article in this month’s newsletter that Chapter Historian, Russell Black, has put together on Bill Goodman.  He will have a display at the March Chapter meeting.  This will also be our history display at CRC.  Bill Goodman is one of the most decorated Arkansas ASHRAE members in the history of the Chapter.  Check out the display and thank Russell for his time and effort to put this together for us to enjoy.

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Chapter Meeting Announcement

Arkansas ASHRAE Chapter Meeting

Hosted By: Arkansas ASHRAE Board of Governors

Agenda for Wednesday, March 4th:

10:30-11:30   Board of Governors' meeting
11:30-12:00   Lunch Buffet and Announcements
12:00 - 1:00  Program by Larry Rohskopf, Jeremias Inc.


Speaker Spotlight:

After receiving Mechanical Engineering degrees from Hocking College and Ohio University, Larry began his chimney career with Selkirk Metalbestos.  With experience in sales and applications engineering, Larry founded Mechanical Sales Co. (MSC) in 2000.  A few years later Larry founded Precision Vent Inc. to fill the needs of independent representatives and distributors who were frustrated by the lack of a definitive source for chimney and vent system components.

In 2012, Larry connected with the Jeremias Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of factory-made chimney, pressure stacks, grease ducts, and vents.  Larry now serves as the CEO of Jeremias Inc, Jeremias is the innovator of the silicone-free conical and bridgeless double wall systems.

Presentation Description:

Please join our technical presentation reviewing…

  1. UL Standards for Chimneys, Pressure Stacks, Grease Ducts, and Gas Vents
  2. Code & Appliance Manufacturers Vent Routing Requirements
  3. ASHRAE Chimney Design Equation
  4. Introduction to the all-in-one Exhaust System


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Chapter Meeting Calendar

2019-2020 Calendar Update:

We will have an “Early Bird Registration” for anyone that registers 48 hours prior to a Chapter meeting at $20.00/ea. (i.e. Chapter meeting, Wednesday @ 11:30am, early bird registration ends on Monday @ 11:30 am).  If you register after that time period or just show up without registering, we will charge you $30.00. 

Please see the Arkansas ASHRAE Calendar on the website for all other upcoming ASHRAE events.

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AR Chapter BOG Meeting Minutes


Board Meeting – March 4, 2020

Jake Skinner – Secretary

Members Present:  Steve Mcconnell, Drew Grant, Cruz Eslick, Jake Skinner, Kim Koch, Bill Simpson, Tracy Emmerling, Ron McCarty, Fallon Lee, Russell Black, Nick Moore, Hunter Brock, Alex Halloran, Tufail Muhammad, Brody Barker, TJ Bell, Chris Ahne

Call to order:  10:32 am

  • President – Steve McConnell
    • PAOE (Overall, currently at 7,240 points) – 2nd in the Region YTD
      • ALL - Please take some time to review & enter in points for work you’ve done.
    • Chapter Nominating Committee – will vote on today at the general meeting
      • Terry Jacks (Chair), Kim Koch, Bill Simpson, Mike Fullerton, & Ron McCarty
      • Need to notify chapter members of candidates for 2020-2021 chapter officers/BOG 10 days prior to March 4th meeting to vote
        • Issue names in Newsletter by Monday, February 24th or send out separate email
      • Arkansas Energy Office
        • Tim Quetsch from AR Energy Office in attendance.
          • Needs a mechanical subcommittee for proposed model code
          • AR Energy Office is looking at adopting 2018 IECC / ASHRAE 90.1 – 2016. If passed, adoption would occur in 2022.
        • Reminder – Use Basecamp – Arkansas to upload items for your position
        • CRC – Houston (April 23-25, 2020)
          • Sign up available now online (register for CRC then you can book your room)
          • Beginning to start CRC report. Will need some help from Chairs to put it together


  • President Elect / CTTC – Drew Grant
    • Lunch Meeting/Program – Bill Harrison to introduce Jim Bradford
      • 61 RSVPS as of 9:00 am, 2/12
    • Announcement of ASHRAE 365 App
    • VRF panel for April meeting – update from TJ
    • Update on Pres-Elect training from Jan 24-25 & CIQ, volunteers for 2020-2021
    • AAEE Seminar announcement


  • Treasurer - Cruz Eslick
    • Only 3 invoices outstanding from Fall Golf Tournament
    • Coordinate with Jake to begin training for Treasurer


  • Secretary – Jake Skinner
    • January Meeting Minutes – Vote for approval


  • Research Promotion - Ron McCarty
    • RP efforts
      • Monthly meeting RP PowerPoint presentation (loop during the meal).
      • Sportsman’s Raffle tickets for sale now through April.
      • Spring Trap Shoot – Friday, March 6th
      • Poker Tournament (March) – will be hosted at HEP, more info to come
      • $250 raised in January Poker tournament


  • Membership Promotion – Steve McConnell
    • 6 lapsed members, all have been reached out to, awaiting responses.
    • 5 new members: Eric Burke (BTME), Kayla Freeman (JCI), Jimmy Middaugh (Middleton Heat & Air), Charles E. Thomas (Pettit and Pettit), Blake Beckham (Victaulic)
    • There will be Membership Promotion incentive for the April meeting


  • Student Activities - Fallon Lee (Chair)
    • Need volunteers for 3 upcoming college career fairs
    • Announced March Madness Fundraiser for Student Activities
    • Spring visits to student chapters are being setup, need fresh faces
    • Daniel Nehus will attend CRC for Student Activities training


  • Historian – Russell Black
    • Newsletter Articles – upcoming article will be on Bill Goodman
    • History Month - March
    • Leadership Recall with Bill Harrison – TBD


  • Social/Special Events – Nick Moore
    • Spring Golf Tournament
      • May 29th @ CCA (tentatively), also looking at Hurricane


  • YEA – Alex Halloran (Chair)
    • YEA Social Event (pool tournament) will be held on March 5, more info to come
    • PE Prep Tech Session scheduled for April 9, more info to come


  • Electronic Communication – Hunter Brock (Chair)
    • Need pictures from those who attended Winter Conference in Orlando
    • Facebook posts are up to date


  • Webmaster – Tufail Muhammad (Co-Chair)
    • President’s message & meeting announcement have been added to the website
    • Working with other committees to keep calendar, newsletter archive, and other website content current


  • Newsletter – Brody Barker
    • Next Month’s Newsletter deadline is Friday, February 21st
    • Issue by Wednesday, February 26th (one week prior to Chapter meeting, March 4th)
    • Or by Monday, February 24th if possible to notify chapter of nominations for Chapter Officers/BOG


  • Social Media – Hunter Brock
    • Continuing to take pictures at events/meetings
    • Continuing to utilize Facebook page as a chapter communication resource by creating events and posting about what our chapter has been doing


  • Refrigeration – TJ Bell
    • Coordination with Drew/CTTC
      • Update on VRF round table for April 1st meeting
        • The following manufacturers will be represented at the April Round Table: Carrier, Daikin, LG, Samsung, Mitsubishi, and Fujitsu
        • Please continue to submit questions for round table panel
      • Update on Refrigeration plans – Tours, Tech Session, Other:


  • Sustainability – TJ Bell
    • Clayton Kinley is working with Arkansas Children’s Hospital on a sustainability project.


  • Honors and Awards – Chris Ahne
    • Member nominations for Chapter Service Award & Regional Award of Merit
    • Update on Past President’s Night planning (Date May 7th)
      • There will be no hall of fame induction at this year’s Past President’s Night


Meeting adjourned:  11:15 am

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YEA & Student Activitites


ASHRAE is looking for volunteers for K-12 STEM activities. If you are interested in volunteering to help out please contact Daniel Nehus at [email protected]

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ASHRAE History

Arkansas ASHRAE History

Russell Black, Arkansas ASHRAE Historian

March will be History month at our Arkansas ASHRAE meeting, and to review our history there will be a display to honor and to celebrate the ASHRAE service of Bill Goodman, arguably the most highly decorated member in the history of Arkansas ASHRAE.  Below is a partial list of the honors, awards, leadership roles, and accomplishments that are a part of the superb legacy of Bill’s service to ASHRAE:

  • ASHRAE Society President (1999-2000) – Arkansas ASHRAE’s first ever Society President
  • Arkansas ASHRAE Chapter President (1969)
  • Distinguished Service Award (1988)
  • ASHRAE Fellow (1992)
  • Ernest Pettit Memorial Award (1995)
  • Exceptional Service Award (2008)
  • Distinguished 50-Year Member (2012)
  • Arkansas ASHRAE Hall of Fame (2013) – Inaugural Class


Please stop by the display to help us honor the memory of an outstanding engineer and an even more outstanding human being and leader.

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ASHRAE Events & Sponsorships

ASHRAE 2020 Trap Shoot: 

ASHRAE will be doing a trap shooting tournament in March of 2020. Teams will consist of five (5) shooters. The event Fee is $750 and will include four (4) boxes of shells, lunch, and door prizes. Payment is due by March 6th, 2020. For more information please contact Ron McCarty, RP Chair - [email protected] OR 501-350-5728


ASHRAE HVAC Design Training Austin, TX: 

ASHRAE is organizing the 3-day HVAC Design: Level I – Essentials and the 2-day HVAC Design: Level II – Application training in Austin, TX on March 23-25 and March 26-27, 2020. For more information and to register for the event please visit:

ASHRAE Region VIII CRC Houston: 


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ASHRAE Certifications

ASHRAE Certified HVAC Designer

Click Here for more information!

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Chapter Officers, BOG, Chairs, and Committee Members

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