A Message from the President


The President’s Message

By:  Ron McCarty

Reminder that our February meeting will be on February 6that Camp Aldersgate.

The new year has started, it appears the cold weather is finally here.  No worry, Spring will be here in the very near future.  The events for the month of January started off with a great Chapter meeting and then moved to the National AHR/ASHRAE Winter Conference in Atlanta, GA.

This year, our Chapter provided support to several of our Higher Ed student chapters with funding that allowed students to experience this meeting. The feedback was very positive and hopefully the participation will continue to grow in the coming years. Activity for the next few months will continue to increase our monthly Chapter meetings, various planned facility tours (YEA and Refrigeration), our spring golf outing, Past Presidents Night celebration and the Region VIII Chapter Regional Conference in Cancun Mexico on April 11-13, 2019. Registration is open for the CRC and hotel room availability is limited, so please register as soon as possible. Just to let you know the Resort has special rates set aside for either two days before or two days after the CRC even for those who want to spend a little extra time relaxing.

Our next meeting is on February 6that Camp Aldersgate. Our CTTC/ President Elect, Steve McConnell, has lined up another great speaker on the topic ofthe Outdoor Air Control and How it Improves our Buildings’ Performance.   The last meeting was a great success with record attendance of over 75 attendees including several non-member invitees that join us as part of our Membership Promotion event. This upcoming meeting we will continue with the Membership Promotion activity. Our Membership promotion team lead by Jared Hendrickson is offering an opportunity to win one of two $25 gift cards for anyone that brings a Non-Member to the meeting. The cost of attending the meeting for the non-member will be free.Look forward to seeing everyone at the meetingand please tryto bring a non-member to the meeting to introduce them to what ASHRAE is all about.

On the committee front, all are in full operational mode promoting ASHRAE across the state. Our Government Affairs team has arranged for a photo shoot with the Governor on January 30th to receive our Proclamation as part of National Engineering Week.   Now that K-12 is back to school, there will be a lot of activity is being put for with on the K-12 fronts to promote ASHRAE and engineering.   Again, this is the future of our profession, so if you are asked to help this committee please take a few minutes to help.

On Thursday January 28th we will be hosting a RP Poker tournament at the new Cromwell Architects Engineers office in Little Rock. The Poker tournament will start at 6:00. Our RP Chair, Steve Keen will also start promotions for the “The Sportsman’s Raffle” this month. This promotion is one of our leading RP funds raising events for the year. Raffle tickets will be available on-line at (https://arkansasashrae.starchapter.com).   Additional events are coming up for our YEA and Student Activity groups. Please look for times and places in the upcoming newsletters and announcements at our Chapter meeting.

In closing for this month,I want to thank everyone that gives their time and effort to help make our Chapter great. I am specifically thankful to all of our Arkansas ASHRAE volunteer officers, committee chairs, and committee members whom have worked so hard for our Chapter to bring value to your membership. There are numerous hours spent each month by these volunteers to put on programs, fundraisers, support our students, and promote various other ASHRAE activities. Next time you see one of these volunteers, please be sure to reach out to them and thank them for their time.