Society dues: $199/yr

Chapter dues: $40/yr
Total amount: $239/yr




Central Arkansas - December 5th

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM at Camp Aldersgate, 2000 Aldersgate Rd. Little Rock, AR 72205

Guest Speaker Central - Devin Abellon, P.E. (ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer) 

Topic - The (un)Ethical Engineer: A Study in Principle and Practice


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November, 2018


The President’s Message

By:  Ron McCarty

This is a great time of the year with the holiday season that is in full swing.  It is also a time to step back and give thanks for the things that we have and ask what can do for others. 

This coming month the Arkansas Chapter will be highlighted in the Region 8 newsletter.  The Arkansas Chapter has a great history and has provided significant contributions to ASHRAE over the years.   The Chapter appears to be strong with good growth and should continue to be a positive force for the Region and Society in the coming years.

Our next meeting is on December 5that Camp Aldersgate, where we will have another distinguished lecturer as our speaker.  The first three meetings have been a great success with record attendance.  Steve McConnell has done a great job this year in lining up interesting and exceptional speakers.  Look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting and if you can please bring a non-member to the meeting to introduce them to ASHRAE.

All the committees are in full operational mode promoting ASHRAE across the state.  Our Student Activities committee has done a great job with arranging opportunities for our speakers to present at the universities during their visits.  There is also a lot of activity is being put forth on the K-12 fronts to promote ASHRAE and engineering.   Again, this is the future of our profession, so if you are asked to help this committee please take a few minutes to help.

Upcoming and ongoing events with each of the committees are full swing.  Pork Butt sales to support Student Activities is currently underway.  Poker tournaments and Sportman’s Raffle are coming up for RP promotion.  Membership Promotion events are being arranged for upcoming meetings.  Additional events are coming up for our YEA and Student Activity groups.  Please look for times and places in the upcoming newsletter.

In closing, I want remind everyone that all of the things happening with Arkansas ASHRAE has been made possible from volunteers.  I want thank everyone that gives their time and effort to help make our Chapter great.   


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ASHRAE Winter Conference and AHR Expo

Atlanta, GA - January 12-16, 2019


Region VIII Chapter Regional Conference

Cancun, Mexico - April 11-13, 2019